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In April of 1929, the Logan Banner profiled numerous prominent African-American residents of Logan County, West Virginia.

Miss L. Jean Bayes

Elementary Department, Aracoma High School

Miss Bayes is a graduate of Wilberforce University and has done work at West Virginia State College and Cheyney Normal, Cheyney, Pa. She has taught for eleven years in West Virginia, seven of which have been engaged in Logan county. She is a member of the Teachers’ State and National Educational movements. She is very energetic in the promotion of civic, religious and the political welfare of her county and state. She tends her efforts zealously for the welfare and uplift of her people in a wide scope of interest. Social handicaps appeal strongly to her humanitarian impulses, and she is a veritable Good Samaritan in this sphere of necessity. Miss Bayes possibly has not a superior among the women of her race in the state as an organizer and effective public speaker. As a teacher she is effective. She knows her subject and her pupil and brings both together harmoniously and beneficially. In the community, Miss Bayes is always constructive and outstanding in whatever she undertakes and easily outdistances all competitors in her program. Her ____ is widespread, for she is possessed with a purpose and strength of character that makes her a natural leader among her people.