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Correspondents named “Somebody’s Baby” and “Katie” from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on July 7, 1922:

We are glad to report that we are having a nice Sunday school organized at the Holiness church.

Rev. Johnson delivered a very interesting sermon at the church Sunday.

Mrs. J.H. Vickers has returned from a pleasant visit with her parents at Columbus, Ohio.

Little Dan Cupid has been very busy in our town and to our surprise, he shot an arrow across Mr. Greenway Simms’ path and he fell a victim to the dart.

Mr. Everett Fowler and Miss Nona Collins were out kodaking Sunday.

We are sorry to say that Mrs. Garland Mounts is very sick at this writing and her many friends hope for her speedy recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Bachtel were out walking Sunday.

A very nice wedding took place at Cove Creek Saturday when Miss Marie Asberry became the happy bride of Mr. James Bryant. They returned here to the groom’s home, Sunday night, and will make this place their future home.

We wonder why Millard Brown visits Mr. Perry so much? Ask Pearl, she knows.

Mrs. George Justice will leave on Thursday for Bowling Green, Ky., at which place she will be the guest of her daughter for several weeks.

Mr. Harry Conley was calling on Miss Ida Butcher Sunday. He says Ida is some S.L.T.

Miss Gladys Bryant is spending the week and with her grand parents at Yantus.

Miss Maud McCloud is very ill at this writing as she received a message that her husband is suffering from appendicitis in the C. & O. hospital.

Mr. Lorain Hill paid his daily visit to the Ward hotel Saturday night.

The boys all say they like to take their meals at the restaurant now as they have a pretty cook.

Miss Edith Robertson is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Bowling, at the present time.

Miss Devona Butcher will leave on Sunday to enter a summer normal.

Will call again if this escapes the waste basket.


We are having some rainy weather here these days.

Mr. Wayne Browning and Everett Fowler are off on a three weeks vacation during the Fourth.

The people of this town were much disappointed on the Fourth owing to the unpleasant weather.

Miss Tollie Ferrell called on Miss Elma Phipps Wednesday.

Bathing seems to be popular here nowadays.

Wonder why Misses Devona and Minnie Butcher stay at home so much now? Call more often, girls.

Mr. Donald Phipps has been confined to his bed with typhoid fever, but is improving slowly.

Edd Turner was out riding his jitney Sunday.

The Holiness people have an excellent choir now.

Well I don’t want to write all the serious news of our city. Leave it to you, Rebecca.

I will call again next week.