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A correspondent named “Uncle Joe” from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on May 5, 1922:

We are still having fair days and cool nights.

Miss Ruby Wagner has returned from the hospital at Huntington and is getting along nicely.

Mr. Oscar Langdon has left our town for Cincinnati.

Miss Alma Wagner looked lonesome Sunday. Where was L.T., Alma?

We wonder where they go when they take a ride here?

We saw two sweet gigglers out promenading all alone Sunday. Where were the boys?

Bug makes several trips to town during the day, but what does he care, for he gets his rides free.

Miss Eunice Ward and Mr. Hobert Spurlock were at the show Saturday night.

Miss Queeney Conley was shopping in town this week.

Some of the young folks were calling on Miss Clee Conley and thought they were on a merry go round.

Every person is always anxious to know who sends in the news. We wonder, who sent this?

Still more improvements and better wages at the mines here. You ought to make good money, boys.

When is Rev. Langdon going to preach for us again? It seems a long time between times.

Did we see Miss Maud Garrett and Mr. Wilbart Langdon out walking Sunday, or was it just imagination?

You’re not in style in our town unless you have a gray cap.

Mr. Roy Hager, of Big Creek, was calling on Miss Ida Butcher Sunday.

The handsomest man of Chapmanville has gone to work.

Mrs. Levy Hensley and daughter have returned to their home at Chapmanville after a short visit at Stone Branch.

Anna Justice, Hattie Clay and Mazie Bates were calling on Lola and Wanda Ferrell Sunday.

Mrs. Nettie Pauley was visiting relatives in this town Sunday.

Mr. Morgan Garrett has gone to work in Logan.