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From the Logan Democrat of Logan, WV, comes this poem written by J. Rush Cook titled “Home,” published January 14, 1915:


Endearing words to us are given,

Endearing thoughts for us they hold.

All for which the heart has striven,

But none so dear to us as home.

When wearied with the cares of life,

With toil and labor, sorrows borne,

There comes a joy amidst the strife,

When e’re we think of home, sweet home.

Home replete with all its pleasure,

Be it a cot or palace grand;

Be it poor or rich in treasure,

‘Tis always home in every land.

If peace and love therein abide,

Reign supremely every hour.

In each heart in faith confides

Like a sweet, unfolding flower.

‘Tis the thought of home we cherish,

As we roam some distant land.

All else for us may perish,

But sweet home in childhood land.

Where dear mother led us gently

O’er the hills, through vale and field;

Where she sang to us so sweetly,

And in prayer so oft did kneel.

Where the songbirds ever singing,

‘Neath a blue sky with music ringing,

Where the hills with music ringing,

And the zephyrs blow at night.

This is home to us forever,

Home, with mother at our side.

Perhaps in thought when ties we sever,

And have crossed beyond the tide.