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Laura Foster’s murder in the vicinity of Reedy Branch at Elkville, NC, resulted in Tom Dula’s hanging. Driving from Elkville (Wilkes County) toward Yadkin Valley (Caldwell County) on Highway 268, the Laura Foster grave is located at left; the Laura Foster memorial is located up ahead at right. You park at the memorial. 8 January 2020


Laura Foster Memorial near Yadkin Valley in Caldwell County, NC. 8 January 2020. The marker is located across Highway 268 from the Foster grave.


Laura Foster’s grave is located at the edge of a field. The pasture is surrounded by an electric fence. 8 January 2020


Laura Foster’s grave. A white fence encloses the grave so as to protect it from cattle. 8 January 2020


When Laura Foster was buried here, locals marked her grave with white stones from the creek. Today, white gravel still marks her grave. 8 January 2020


Laura Foster’s headstone shows an incorrect death date and includes the name of her killer, Tom Dula. Since her burial, the grave site has been nearly lost and her marker disappeared for a time. Thankfully, the grave site is well-preserved today. 8 January 2020