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A correspondent named “The Black Cat” from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on October 12, 1923:

Quite a large crowd attended the musical Saturday night at Ula Barker’s store.

Mr. Bob Ferrell was calling on Miss Barnette Sunday.

A large number was presented at the pie supper Thursday night. It was given by the school. Pies and candy sold well with auctioneer Mr. Charlie Stone, Prof. Stiles and Mr. Eyrial.

There was much excitement here Friday when two of our dry law officers were thrown by the white mule and were seriously wounded. They were taken to the Charleston General Hospital.

We are sure glad to see Ima Nutt back on the job again. We have missed him so much.

Mr. Homer Langdon spent Sunday with his mother of this place.

Mr. Bernard Ward spent Saturday in Holden.

Quite a large crowd attended the party Friday night at Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ward’s. After an evening of fun, refreshments were served.

Some of our most popular young men have left here and gone to Holden to work.

Mr. and Mrs. N. Muncy returned last week after a few weeks visiting in Virginia. They report a good trip.

Mrs. Annie Ward and Mrs. A.K. Bowling were visiting in Man this week.

Mr. Oran Mabley is seen in Chapmanville pretty often now.

Misses Ina Barker, Bennie Robertson, Messrs. Darnald Stone and Bacil Robertson and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ward attended the football game at Logan.

Mr. Willie Boothe and Miss Nell Bryant seem to enjoy themselves walking in the sunshine.

Messrs. Joe Glim and George Ohler returned home after a long vacation.