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An unnamed correspondent from Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on September 5, 1924:

Dear old Banner, here I am with a bit of news from our little city Big Creek, one of the most leading little cities on the Guyan Valley.

Miss Lulu Harmon is very ill at this writing.

Mrs. John Mitchell was calling on Mrs. John Mobley Sunday.

It was sad to see Mr. Burke McComas baptized Sunday. He is very ill and not expected to live.

Mr. Lloyd Ellis seems to be enjoying himself of late.

Misses Florence Wheeler and Gladys Saunders has returned home after a short stay in Huntington.

A fine new boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Mobley.

Don’t forget the basket meeting Sunday on Big Creek. Everybody invited.

Misses Nannie Lilly, Myrtle Mobley, and Cecil Hager were out car riding Sunday.

Mr. Jess Harmon and Miss Norma Saunders were out picnicking Sunday.

Mr. Tom Vance and Miss Pearl Mobley motored to Logan Sunday.

John Mobley has accommodated all loafers. He has made a loafers bench under his shade tree near his store.

Ward Shively has returned to his home after a short stay in Charleston.

Peter M. Toney made a flying trip to Huntington to see his home folks.

We all were sorry when Mr. P.D. Bradbury found his span of mules drowned Sunday. They were tied with a rope and fell over the high bank.

Mrs. Nannie Mobley was kodaking Sunday evening.

Miss Lillie Estepp returned home after a short stay with her parents.

Miss Gladys Saunders and Miss Myrtle Mobley had a happy meeting when first they met after Gladys’ return home.

There are plenty of cars and good drivers nowadays.

Mrs. Lonna Hager of Huntington is the guest of her sisters, Laura Hager.