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From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, come these items of local news during the year 1913:

Logan Court House Rebuilt LD 05.01.1913.JPG

Logan (WV) Banner, 1 May 1913


The Call to Arms

Ladies of Logan, we need you, and ask your unfailing support against filth and flies. With your full assistance we expect to make the men “help the women do the work.” We want you to help us develop the pride and civic duty which promotes cleanliness. Enlist the whole household in this crusade against filth and flies–breeders of disease.

With the homes, the yards and the streets clean, screened receptacles for kitchen waste, which we will remove without expense, the free use of lime daily, our city will be respectable and commendable.

Lend us your aid and imbibe the slogan, “Cleaner, Healthier and Better Logan.”


Robert Bland, Mayor

By order of the Common Council.

Logan (WV) Banner, 23 May 1913


German Restaurant Ad LB 06.20.1913.JPG

Logan (WV) Banner, 20 June 1913.


The Latest Craze

In Logan now is PAINT–house paint and everybody’s doin’ it! The most recent ones are the Draper Bldg., Judge Wilkinson’s residence and office, Lanham’s plumbing shop, the Poole drug store, German restaurant, etc. More paint was spread in Logan this year than ever was known before, and considerable of it was “red” too. It can truly be said that nearly every building in town, of importance, has been or will be painted this year, in fact a few almost worthless old houses now look like new. A bucket of paint surely works wonders sometimes. A sign writer has also been at work the past week or two putting gold lettering on windows.”

Logan (WV) Banner, 4 July 1913


Logan County Prisoners Working Roads, They Like It Better Than Confinement

Two wagon-loads of prisoners were taken out of the county jail Wednesday morning, under guard, and worked on the roads in this vicinity. A 5-lb rod, about two foot long, was locked around an ankle of each prisoners. They seemed to like their outing.

Logan (WV) Banner, 12 September 1913