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A correspondent named “Three Pals” from Stone Branch in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on August 24, 1923:

We are sorry to say that Chester Curtis is on the sick list.

Mrs. McKenzie and Mrs. Smith were calling on Mrs. Williamson Sunday evening.

Mrs. Stiltner and Mrs. McComas were calling on Mrs. Stiltner Sunday.

Martha Roberts has gone to Ohio to pay her mother a visit.

Mrs. Bledsoe was calling on Mrs. Roberts Saturday.

Miss Norma Saunders and Miss Pearl Mabblie have gone to Cincinnati.

Sherman Hobbs and Ross Smith were seen going down the road Saturday.

Mr. Stiltner and Mr. Smith sure do enjoy going to lodge.

Mr. McKenzie and Mr. Marshall were seen going down the road Saturday.

Miss Nella McKenzie was calling on Miss Nellie Stiltner Saturday night.

Miss Rubie Lucas and Miss Sadie Ferguson were the dinner guests of Miss Nellie McKenzie.

Mrs. Rebecca McKenzie called on Mrs. Little Sunday evening.

Some combinations–Boyd and his slop bucket; Gracie and her bonnet; Nellie and her cretonne dress; Sadie and her wrist watch; Rebecca and her silk dress; Mrs. Smith and her milk pail; Ruben and his wagon; Nellie and her silk dress; Gracie and her hair net; Nannie and her business course; Bob Ferrell and his cat; Frank and his milk pail; Lee and his dog.

Mrs. Little was calling on Mrs. McKenzie Sunday evening.

Mrs. Bessie Dean of Braeholm was calling on Mrs. Ferguson.