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A correspondent named “S.T.B.” from Stone Branch in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following “colored” news, which the Logan Banner printed on January 12, 1923:

Mrs. Lucy Woodie has been visiting home folks at Ashland and we are very glad to have her back again.

Rev. Dan Claytor preached for us Sunday night. It was a very small attendance. Dear people, why don’t you come to the church and hear the word of the Lord?

Mrs. Minnie Gayhart is very sick at this time. We hope to see her improving soon.

Hughie Smith was here Tuesday. Hurry up, Hughie. Things are looking very sad without you.

Mrs. Mary Johnson and Mrs. A.J. Dickerson were seen going to the store Monday.

Mrs. Fannie Hill is progressing nicely with her school.

Nathaniel Hogans is able to be at school again.

Stone Branch is getting more like a city every day.

Famous combinations: A.J. Dickerson and his wagon; Mr. Will Woodie and his slop bucket; Samuel Thomas and his oil can; John Smith and his baby; Mrs. Lucy Woodie and her traveling bag.