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A correspondent named “Punch and Judy” from Harts Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on May 11, 1923:

Mr. Roy McCloud was visiting home folks last week.

Wonder why Mattie seems so downhearted now a days.

Here’s Elbert Adams so chubby and short; he goes to Mr. Maynard’s and drinks milk by the quart.

Randy Baisden seems to be enjoying life to beat sixty at present.

Here’s “Uncle” T. Vance so sportly, you know; who takes his Ruth for a walk, her bobbed hair to show.

Come on, Charley. Let’s go to the Trace. Don’t bother your brains with that other place.

Mr. C.H. McCloud is putting up ice at present.

Mr. Van Mullins is planting a double crop of everything. He said he expected a son-in-law.

Mr. Reece and Grover Mullins are on the steady lookout for a brighter day.

Mr. McCloud is awaiting his old faithful worker, who we all know by the name of T. Vance, to arrive with their farm implements.

Mr. Garfield and Elbert Adams made a business trip to Branch Fork last week.

There was a quiet but happy wedding at the home of Mr. H. Dingess last week.

Ina Dingess seems very lonesome now days.

Little Ida McCloud has joined the Happy Crockers.

Mr. Bob Jonas and Ruth McCloud took a ride last Sunday on Bob’s black pony.

Mrs. Shirley Mullins is riding for her health.

Mr. Tom Baisden made a business trip to Chapmanville last week.

Mr. Anthony Adams and Ellen Curry seem to enjoy being together.

We will leave the rest to “The Ginks,” providing their cherries allow them time to write.