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A correspondent named “Three Chums” from Queen’s Ridge at Lincoln-Wayne counties, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 23, 1923:

(Too late for publication last week.)

Sarah Mans Tomblin was calling on her home folks Saturday.

Luther Mans was calling on his father and mother Sunday night.

Doctor Ira Moore was called to Myles Browning’s Sunday to fix his telephone.

Sallie Mann was calling on Ora Mann Friday.

Ida Workman was visiting Mrs. John Mann Sunday.

Mrs. Arnold Workman has a young daughter at her house. It arrived March 5th.

Gracie Mann was calling on Ora Mann Sunday.

Good luck to the Banner.

NOTE: Geographically, Queens Ridge is located entirely in Wayne County but the post office area included a section of Lincoln (and Logan) County for a certain number of years.