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A correspondent named “A Sunbeam” from Queen’s Ridge at Lincoln-Wayne County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on February 2, 1923:

The Mans school is progressing nicely.

Fern Pack was calling on Rosa Mans Sunday.

Little Tom Mans had bad luck Saturday night. He and his __ seemed to have a falling out.

Eva Workman is all smiles this week. Says that she had a letter from Mr. Moore.

Cheer up girls and don’t be down-hearted because of so many weddings. You won’t have so many to select from.

Minnie and Eva Workman were calling on Ora Manns Saturday and Sunday. They took a horseback ride and reported a nice time.

Gradie Mans has just returned from a week’s vacation with friends at Rocky.

Albert Carter and Emery Bryant were seen on our streets today horseback riding.

W.H. Mans left for Huff Creek Sunday evening.

Woodrow Workman is raising a coon dog. He states that he is an awful good dog to tree possums.

Miles Browning has a broken leg. We are sorry to hear of his accident and hope that he will soon be well.

Minnie Workman goes to school every day.

Victoria Maynard and her sister Ocie Spry were visiting their mother Sunday.

Nancy Shepherd is very ill this week with a sore finger.

Pat Napier died last Friday with pneumonia and was buried on Saturday.

Frank and Otto Manis are working on Huffs Creek.

Good luck to the Banner.

NOTE: Geographically, Queens Ridge is located entirely in Wayne County but the post office area included a section of Lincoln (and Logan) County for a certain number of years.