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A correspondent named “The Flirt” from Whirlwind on Big Harts Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 9, 1923:

Miss Mattie Carter was calling on Roxie Mullins Sunday.

Mr. Floyd Conley was the guest of Roxie Mullins Saturday.

So the Cherry Tree “ginks” say that “The Flirt” from Hart can’t hurt them. They aren’t real honest-to-goodness Cherry Tree babies, for they just migrated from Hart since—

Charley Mullins is thinking of joining the army.

Jeff Mullins says he thinks he will go to Cherry Tree and buy him a small grocery store and forget Harts Creekers.

Inez Dingess was the guest of Rosa Adams Saturday.

Elbert Adams goes up Trace real often now.

Combinations we see often: Charley and a new tie; Roxie and her books; Mattie and her chewing gum; Lula and a powder puff.