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The killing of Tolbert, Pharmer, and Bud McCoy by a Hatfield-led gang on August 8, 1882 represented one of the most sensational events of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. What follows is Andy Varney’s deposition regarding the affair:


The Commonwealth then introduced as a witness Andy Varney who proves that he knows Defts Wall, Ance, Cap, & Jonce Hatfield, C. Carpenter, Alex Messer. Knows the McCoy boys. I first saw them over on Blackberry just a little above Rev. Anderson Hatfield. Saw Ance, Cap, Jonce, Wall, and Defts. Do not remember seeing defendants with any arms. I next saw them at the river. Was at the school house on Mate creek Tuesday evening to the best of my knowledge the defts had arms there. Guns, I think. The crowd come to Elias Hatfields about 11 oclock. Wall, Elias, Jonce, Ance, Cap, Alex Messer, and the defts they were all armed. They were all there next morning. I was Lying on the porch when the parties came to Elias Hatfield. I saw these two Mayhorn boys there. I staid there all night. I had a gun. I was guarding the prisoners while at school house on Mate. Some one told me he had a summons for a sufficient guard. I have been staying at old man McCoy’s. I was indicted with defendant but the case has been filed away. I was behind all the way down Blackberry Creek with Harrison Steele.