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A correspondent named “A Hard Nut to Crack” from Harts Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 16, 1923:

Harts Creek is improving every day as so many people are exiles. Harts Creek has such a reputation—it is only the people, not the place at all, so maybe those who have not left are very industrious. Most of the people have exited to Cherry Tree.

A list of people who left for the city, some who have gone quite a while: Bill Mullins, Carl Wellman, Dutch and Cotton, and Mr. B.A. Adams, so I am in great hopes of a better place here.

The Cherry Tree “gluks” say Harts Creekers can’t hurt them. I don’t doubt the fact, honey, for when you said there were so many cherries in Cherry Tree you told the truth. I honestly hope you who wrote that haven’t swallowed one for you would look green the remainder of your days. “Yes, you are swinging in the sunshine.”

Pshaw, fellow, I forgot to say hello Dotty and Flirt: cooperation! Ah, you know.

Mae Copperhead was seen going through the alley the other day. She was very happy. She was singing “Camrod” in a low sweet tone; it filled the whole universe with harmony.

Miss Mae Cooper, Sylvia and Thelma Adams enjoyed a fine dance Saturday night. “Swing low, sweet butterfly.”

Mr. Ora Booth was calling on Miss Norma Adkins Saturday.

Miss Anna Adams is attending Logan High School. We wish her much success.

Come on with your news, Ginks, and help complete the Banner. You didn’t write enough. Please write more next time.