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A correspondent named “Cinderella” from Harts Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on January 26, 1923:

We, the citizens of Harts Creek, certainly do enjoy reading the Banner.

Some Harts Creekers have been making some drawings representing the new model cars so that they will not embarrass us so.

Mr. Jerome Adams has left this city and gone to Monaville. Cheer up, girls. There’ll be more just as good looking maybe.

Come on and let’s give a ‘rah for Harts Creek. Let’s pledge to her anew for others it is white and crimson but for us it is old and true. Yea, Brack and Brue.

The singing school is progressing nicely with the following different parts: tenor, by principal Alice Dingess; soprano Charley Curry; bass and fido by Lucy, David, and Norma. Guess the alto is left off this half.

Wonder if James Baisden has ever repaired his old tire. Don’t guess he has, or he would not have bought that poodle dog. “Haint it the truth?”

Miss Roxie Mullins continues her daily trips to the store.

Mr. Charley Mullins does not enjoy himself since the black pudding is found by the yard. “Hot dog!”

Major Adams has purchased a wheelbarrow. Our town is improving every day.

The girls of other cities wear long dresses. Don’t get out of style, girls. Won’t ever do.