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A correspondent named “Blue Belle” from Whirlwind on Harts Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on January 12, 1923:

The roads are rocky but they won’t be rocky long.

Troy Vance has returned from Ohio. He reported a nice time.

The Revenue Officers sure are raiding Harts Creek.

C.H. McCloud said that he was going to run a baggage truck from Logan to Harts Creek. $2.50 will be the charge.

I saw Charlie Mullins going to Trace Fork Sunday. He said goodbye to the Buck Fork girls.

Wonder who it was that was visiting the widow last Saturday night?

Mr. Randy Baisden has forsaken the Whirlwind girls and has gone to Cherry Tree.

John Jackson and Weltha Mullins and Amanda Mullins were seen going through Mullins town some time ago. The girls sure were hanging to Johnnie.

James Baisden and S.W. Dalton have just returned from Bluefield and both reported a good time.