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A correspondent named “Baby Doll” from Harts Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on January 5, 1923:

(Received too late for publication last week.)

Christmas was certainly celebrated in true, old fashioned style here on Harts.

Messrs. Charles Curry and Daniel McCloud are teaching singing school at lower school house on Trace. They have all the voices but the alto, heigh ho.

There is a new arrival at Thomas Baisden’s. Oh no, we didn’t say who, so you need not get mad.

Mr. Charley Mullins was calling on Miss Roxie Mullins last Sunday, but oh gee, he had a black pudding on his nose.

Oh, I forgot. How many yards does it take to make a black pudding? “Haint it the truth.”

Miss Weltha Hensley cranked up her old Ford and went to Washington. Hope she doesn’t forget those—ah, you know what.

Messrs. Randy Baisden and Charley went to town just before Christmas. Wonder what for?

Mr. Elbert Adams was calling on Miss Tilda Baisden Christmas day.

Miss Mattie Carter has decided to be an old maid.

Miss Katie Baisden was calling on the Dingess home the other day.

Mr. Robert Martin, one of our teachers, is planning on attending summer school. We hope that many more will do likewise.

Mrs. Belle Dora Adams was seen going through town smoking her pipe but she did not have any thinking cap on.

Miss Thelma Dingess returned from Rum Creek to spend Christmas with her sister, Mrs. Adams.

The “scruant” officer visits Trace school so often that the teachers are kept busy watching for him.

Poor Anna is lonely since Frank is ill. Cheer up, Anna.

There has been an awful disaster around in Dingess town. Moscoe Dingess got his contract signed and then it was stolen. It was a blue paper, so watch for it. Oh, boy.

Misses Nora and Anna Adams are visiting friends on Hart. They appeared to be disappointed on Christmas day. Wonder why? Ask Everett and Bernie.