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A correspondent named “Smiles and Cheers” from Halcyon on Harts Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 2, 1923:

(Too late for publication last week.)

Sunday School here is progressing nicely.

Mattie Carter, Evelyn Workman, and Nora Brown were calling on Miss Mandy and Roxie Mullins Thursday.

Roxie Mullins was calling on Mrs. Vergie Mullins Monday evening.

Tom Baisden has started a big job. I think he calls it making sugar. Hustle in, boys, those who want a position.

Albert Richards and his intended were out for a stroll Sunday.

Albert Mullins’ big job is progressing nicely.

Everyone sure does miss Jerona.

Roxie Mullins and her new beau were out for a walk Saturday evening.

Roxie and Mandy Mullins, Ida and Pearl McCloud, Mattie Carter, and a number of others, attended a funeral Friday morning at the Hensley cemetery.

Good luck to the Banner.