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A correspondent named “Blue Eyes” from Ferrellsburg in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 6, 1923:

The hard road is being rapidly worked on here at this place. We hope Logan County will keep her part of this road worked to make a speedy finish.

Mr. J.W. Stowers is still at home; he doesn’t go out much. Sometimes he fox hunts with his hounds.

Hugh Farris, a merchant from Piney, is here looking after business interests.

Mr. John Lucas made a rushing trip to Chapmanville Tuesday.

Mr. Bartley returned from a home visit in Huntington Monday.

Miss Martha Fowler made a trip to Logan Monday looking after business matters.

Mrs. Belle Dingess is visiting her sister Miss Martha Fowler this week.

Rev. Charles Curry and other Baptist ministers preached at Ferrellsburg school house Easter Sunday.

A Holiness revival will begin here this week by Brother Wellman and wife. We are certainly proud to announce the meeting because the people in this section have got their eyes on this highway of holiness. We are expecting a large crowd and a good meeting.

Mrs. Cora Adkins has been very ill for the past few weeks, but is improving now.

Mrs. Stella Mullins is visiting her sister in Ferrellsburg, Mrs. M. Tomblin.

Mr. John Pitts was on his way to work Saturday night when he fell and shot himself and now is in the Logan hospital.

The beauty of this place left here yesterday—Miss Cora Kelly.

Mr. W.E. Fowler, a merchant of Ferrellsburg, has gone to saw milling.

Mrs. Martha Mullins isn’t very well pleased with this noisy place.

Miss Gracy Horns returned to Ferrellsburg yesterday after visiting her sister at Wilburn, W.Va.

Mr. W.C. Brumfield was calling on Miss Lula Tomblin Saturday and Sunday.

The girls in Ferrellsburg are very sad at this writing on account of bad weather and bad roads, and are hoping the hard roads will be completed in a short time so they can begin joy riding.

Mr. Homer Tomblin and friend John Dan are taking a vacation this week. They will begin work Monday.