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The killing of Tolbert, Pharmer, and Bud McCoy by a Hatfield-led gang on August 8, 1882 represented one of the most sensational events of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. What follows is Ellison Mounts’ deposition regarding the affair:


Ellison Mounts

I was present at the time the 3 McCoys were killed. They were killed on the Ky side of the river opposite a little drain, or maybe a little above it. Neither Plyant Mayhorn nor Dock Mayhorn were present at the time or place where the McCoy boys were killed.

X Ex

Ance, Cap, & Johnce Hatfield, Charley Carpenter, Dan Whitt, Mose Christian and Sam Mayhorn, Jeff Whitt, Alex Messer and myself were present when the killing was done. Jeff Whitt, Dan Whitt, Mose Christian and myself were not ___ present when the Guns were fired. we were 15 or so steps away. After we got across the river Ance called on Wall to Swear them to keep secret what had occurred that nights and Wall did so.

Re Ex

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