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A correspondent named “Mutt & Jeff” from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on October 6, 1922:

We are having some cool nights. Soon be time for Jack Frost.

Mrs. Dingess returned Monday after a few days visiting on Harts Creek.

We understand that Mr. Ula Barker is the proud owner of a gray mule.

Mr. Pete Ferrell is tipple boss at the Seamon mines.

Mr. and Mrs. L.T. Hicks are spending their honeymoon in Washington, D.C. We all wish them a happy life.

We see there is another new house going up in town.

Chapmanville is getting more like New York every day.

Miss Maud McCloud gets more letters than anyone else. Who is it that thinks so much of you, Maud?

Andrew Fowler wears a fifty cent smile these days. What is up, boys?

All of our boys have gone to work after a long vacation during the strike.

Mrs. Wayne Brown, Miss Harriet Hill, Chilton Chapman, and Susie Hill were out car riding Sunday. All reported a good time.

Millard Brown and his best girl were out walking Sunday.

Ed Turner and Miss Havner were seen out walking Sunday.

Eva Barker seems to get letters from Kimball real often.

Quite a number of the boys and girls of Henlawson visited Chapmanville Sunday. Come again. We are glad to have visitors.

Elliott Bryant was wearing a seventy-five cent smile Sunday. Who is she, Elliott?

Fanny, where was Cecil Sunday?

If this escapes the waste basket, will call again.