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A correspondent named “Aunt Meg” from Halcyon on Harts Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on September 22, 1922:

Times are good and everybody happy and gay in the old town, but as some of us have never purchased our winter shoes our toes have begun to smell jack frost.

There is some town gossip that Everett Dingess will return to Pennsylvania with his wife and baby where he has spent a few years.

Miss Hattie Dingess has left our town and will teach school on Caney for a few months.

Our home school is progressing nicely under the supervision of Mr. Chas. Gore as teacher. His motto is: “Do good and leave moonshine alone.”

Pete, you walk as if you had spent your past few days in the White House. Has she gone back on you?

Mr. Ira Gore and Burl Dingess made a hurried trip to Holden last week. Boys, what’s your hurry?

Mr. W.W. Gore of Holden spent the weekend with his brother, Joe Gore, of this place.

I wonder why Lee Dingess rides so fast up the hill on his way to the ‘ville. Ask Kris. She knows.

Harvest time has come, boys. Shake off your sleepiness and go to work.

Good luck to the Banner and readers.