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A correspondent named “Slow Sam” from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 10, 1922:

The revival at the Holiness church, conducted by Rev. Johnson, is still going on.

Three very interesting sermons by Rev. Langdon were delivered at the Christian church.

Monroe Conley’s house was destroyed by fire Wednesday morning.

We are glad to say that Dr. J.D. Turner’s baby is improving rapidly.

Mrs. Larkin, of Omar, is visiting her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Langdon of this place.

Mr. Silas Smith, of Abraham, was visiting at A.K. Bowling’s Monday.

The free show given at the Wonderland Theatre was well attended Tuesday night.

Mont Tabor, of Logan, was seen on our streets Sunday.

Mr. Everett Fondee and Miss Eunice Ward were calling on Miss Anna Bowling Wednesday evening.

Mr. P.M. Ferrell and Miss Alma Wagner were seen walking our streets a fine evening ago.

Wanda looks lonesome this week!

Mr. Millard Brown is calling quite often at the Star Supply. There is a good looking girl working there.

Mr. Gordon Adams killed a fine hog, Ernest said.

Mrs. Ferrell is visiting friends here.

John Dingess looks pleased. Wonder why?

Guy Dingess was seen talking to some girls down the street one day this week.

Jim was glad the show was free!

Mr. Ray Swann is working at Chapmanville now.

The Busy Bee pool room is doing good business.

The music is fine in the Butcher pool room as well as the business.

Mr. Mathenie has moved back to his home at this place.

Ed Conley has moved across the river.

Good luck to The Banner!