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From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, comes this poem by Charles M. Gore of Chapmanville printed on December 23, 1927:


Far away in a eastern country

About this time of year

There was an expectation ____

___ and fear.

The hope within her had been prompted

By a message she had received

From the messenger Angel Gabriel

And the message she truly believed.

That she and not another

In this sin cursed world below

Straight way would become a mother

Of a son whom men should know.

Knew him as a lowly Saviour

And not as a high browed king,

Know him through loving favors

And the peace and joy he’d bring.

Twas in the little town of Bethlehem,

Near two thousand years ago, Dec. 25th,

God set a new star in the firmament

Which was proof of his great gift.

His son was born, his angels sang

“Peace on earth, good will I bring”

The shepherds heard and the wise men there

Brought gifts of frankincense and myrrh.

They bestowed them on that little babe,

Who in the hay-filled manger laid

To show to the world that what they knew

Of the prophets’ word had sure come true.