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A correspondent named “Hot Dog” from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on January 27, 1922:

J.W. Batchel, principal of Chapmanville school, will give a pie social Friday night.

Mrs. C.E. Barker and Miss Mabel Ferrell had a spelling match Friday night. It ended with a candy bite.

I think Everett Fowler went rabbit hunting Saturday. Wonder if he was lucky.

Rev. Strindenstricker held a revival meeting at this place last week.

Willard Pauley didn’t pay his daily visit to this place Saturday.

Mr. Kyle Hill from Stollings called on Miss Norma Barker Sunday.

Tollie Ferrell and Virgie Lucas must have had the blues Friday night. Wonder why?

Jim Bryant and Millard Brown didn’t work Saturday. I guess they are off on a thirty day vacation.

Earl Klinger says yarn hose are better than silk in the north temperate zone.

Wonder why Orville Phipps picked on a short piece of candy to bite with Mabel the other night?

The Lane school teachers are having trouble with stove pipes.

Wonder what Tollie Ferrell and Donald Phipps were tickled about the other night?

Donald Phipps and Karl Garrett were the captains in a spelling match. Donald says when Mabel is on his side he is always victorious.

Wonder why the girls won’t bite candy with the old bachelors?

Best wishes.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 27 January 1922.