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A correspondent named “Rose Bud” from Stone Branch in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on August 31, 1923:

The weather is very warm at this writing.

Mrs. N. Williamson is on the sick list at this writing.

Mrs. Hade Smith enjoyed herself car riding Sunday afternoon.

Little Ona Spencer is very sick at this writing.

We are glad to see our friends Mr. and Mrs. Murphy back home again.

The girls around Stone Branch seem to be enjoying themselves nowadays.

Miss Nell McKenzie and Miss Nell Stellner were taking in the lodge supper Friday night.

Miss Nannie Lilly was seen out walking with her best fellow Sunday evening.

Mrs. Compton and family paid Mrs. Bledsoe and also Mrs. Williamson a visit Monday evening.

Everybody is preparing themselves for the basket dinner at the Lane school house Sunday.

Miss Rosa Workman was calling on Miss Nannie Lilly last week.

Mrs. Marshall is preparing to go to Huntington to visit her parents.

Miss Nannie Lilly and Mr. Ote Belcher seem to be all smiles when Cecil isn’t around.

Mr. and Mrs. Ora Crumb, of Henlawson, were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Murphy Sunday.

Daily happenings: Robert and his bunch of sweetness, Wyla and his ranger, Celo and his best girl, Randolph and his mountain trail, Florence and her wrist watch, Nanna and Josie gathering grapes.