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An unknown correspondent from Queens Ridge in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on December 26, 1924:

Here we come to our dear Old Banner.

Miss Harriet Curry and Miss Rolie Tomblin were seen out horseback riding Sunday.

A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dingess Saturday night. The new arrival has been christened Emmet T. Dingess.

Bill Thompson and Nervie Tomblin were the guests of Chas. Curry Sunday.

Mr. Emsy Mitchell was visiting Mr. Thompson Sunday.

Mr. Bruce McCann was calling on Lilly Curry Sunday.

Enoch Curry and Cecil Mitchell were seen out riding Monday.

Nessell and Georgia Curry were the guests of Mrs. Enoch Adkins Tuesday.

Mr. Bill Miller and Jim Adkins were seen out car riding Sunday on Big Harts Creek.

Mr. Cale Nelson was calling on Miss Sook Adkins Sunday.

Mrs. Belle Adkins was the guest of Mrs. Wesley Ferguson last Saturday.

Wonder why Lucian Kirk looked so lonesome Sunday. Cheer up, Lucian.

Mr. Edward Brumfield was the guest of Mr. Bill Brumfield Saturday.

Harriet Lilly, Nervie Curry, Billy Brumfield, Fisher and Billie Thompson were seen out riding Saturday.

Miss Roxie Tomblin was the guest of Mr. Emsy Mitchell Sunday.