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The killing of Tolbert, Pharmer, and Bud McCoy by a Hatfield-led gang on August 8, 1882 represented one of the most sensational events of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. What follows is James M. McCoy’s deposition regarding the affair:


Bill of Exceptions

FILED Sept. 1889

G.W. Pinson, Clk


The Commonwealth then introduced as a witness James M. McCoy an uncle to the boys killed say the boys in the corn sled on Blackberry Creek. They were not tied do not know who all was ____ did not see the Mayhorn Boys there, they come shortly afterwards with Ance Hatfield and his crowd. Defendants was armed with Rifle guns. The next time saw defts was when line was formed at Rev. Anderson Hatfields. Defts. fell into line saw them cross the river with the McCoy boys. The Mayhons was along and was armed. Never saw the McCoy boys alive anymore. Saw them after they were killed. There is a road running down the river from where the boys were killed it is about 100 yards from where the boys was killed to the road. I then lived just below the mouth of Peter. A great many people was on Blackberry on Tuesday. Most all the neighborhood both in Ky and West Va was there. They came with Ance Cap & Jonce Hatfield Carpenter Messer & others. first saw Defts at the sled at the old house. The dets. went into the line that was formed at Rev. Anderson Hatfields. The three McCoy boys crowd in a skiff with Wall Carpenter Johnce Ance & Murphy.