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In April of 1929, the Logan Banner profiled numerous prominent African-American residents of Logan County, West Virginia.

Notable Blacks of Logan County LB 04.16.1929 3


Miss Samons is a graduate of Storer College, Harpers Ferry, and Myrtilla Miner Normal, Washington, D.C. She has done summer work at West Virginia State College. Miss Samons has taught for ten years, all of which have been engaged in Logan county. She is a member of West Virginia State and National Teachers’ Association, and also a member of the State Parent-Teacher Association. Steady and methodical as a teacher, Miss Samons grasps the problem of the school room with a keen sense of its requirements. She obtains results immediate and direct, knowing forthwith at what she is aiming. Probably among the teachers of the county and state, Miss Samons takes her place among the foremost, this from a knowledge of the theory and practice and by that peculiar adaption to the work at hand. She has placed high dignity upon the profession, both in her high sense of honor and moral acumen, and her disposition to ever reach forward to a greater efficiency and the discovery of a more exact method to advance her pupils. Miss Samons has an engaging manner and has endeared herself in the hearts of the large number of pupils that have come under instruction, and with the patrons and citizens of the communities in which she has taught. She has a wholesome interest in the welfare of her people and responds actively to any movements that are devoted to their advancement.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 16 April 1929.