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“Revolutionary John” Mullins, sometimes nicknamed “Buttin’ John,” is buried near the intersection of Mullins Avenue and McClure Street in Clintwood, Dickenson County, VA. To reach his grave, park at Johnson’s Chevrolet on McClure Street and walk up the hill. Signs will direct you to the cemetery. 25 August 2018.


Up this way. You will pass a residence to the right of the road leading up to the cemetery. 25 August 2018.


Straight ahead… 25 August 2018.


Along the way, I found this old gun piece. 25 August 2018.


John Mullins grave, 25 August 2018. John is the father of “Money Makin’ Sol” Mullins, who settled on North Fork of Big Creek near the Logan-Boone county line of West Virginia.