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After the Civil War, West Virginia law barred ex-Confederates from voting. The Flick Amendment of 1871, named for Republican W.H.H. Flick, sought to extend suffrage to ex-Confederates and freedmen. Most ex-Confederates were Democrats. Passage of the Flick Amendment ultimately meant that Democrats would rule West Virginia for the next 25 years.


Names of all persons voting at Aaron Altizer in Triadelphia Township of Logan County this 27th day of April 1871 on the Ratification or Rejection of the amendment of the constitution of the state of West Virginia.

Ben H. White

John Claypool

Albert G. Mitchell

Peter Riffe

Wm. Claypool

Squire Ellis

B.W. White

Phillip Ellis

Alexander Trent

Isaac Browning

Harvey Buchanan

James Spratt

Robert P. Spratt

Patterson Christian

Michell Carter

John Riffe

Hugh Avis

Harvey Ellis

Perry Altizer

Rhodes D. Ballard

Alexander Spratt

Madison Ellis

Curtis Ballard

Aron Altizer

Wm. W. McDonald

Jasper Perry

James M. White

James H. Brown

Louis Mitchell

F.M. White

Wm. A. Lee

Preston Perry

George S. Claypool

Jas. H. Hinchman

Wm. Wesly

Ulyses Hinchman

Sidney Hinchman

James A. White


Total No. Votes: Thirty Eight


Madison Ellis, Inspector

F.M. White, Inspector


James M. White, Clerk

Wm. A. Lee, Clerk


Tally of the votes cast at the Election held at Aaron Altizer’s in the Township of Triadelphia and county of Logan on the 27th day of April 1871 (on the Ratification or rejection of the proposed amendment to the constitution of the State of West Virginia).

Tally of Votes:

Total of Votes for Ratification: Thirty Eight


Compared to the gubernatorial election of 1870, voter turnout for the Flick Amendment was extremely low. West Virginia voters approved the amendment by a vote of 23,546 to 6,323. Only five counties, all located in the northern part of the state, voted against the amendment.