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In 1907, the community of Big Creek in Logan County, WV, considered incorporation. Here is one document relating to that effort.

The list and names of the population of Big Creek, W.Va.

T.J. Cooper and wife. Five children.

C.H. Stone and wife. Seven children.

W.C. Hager and wife. Six children.

A.M. Hager and wife. Two children. One hired girl: Miss Nanny Cassel.

W.C. Lucas

S.C. Fisher and wife. Two children.

Polly Farris

G.W. Hill and wife. Three children.

W.A. Grass and wife. Four children.

Mrs. Mary Kitchen. Four children. Boarders: Peter Fisher, Tom Kitchen, Henry Kitchen, Henry Kitchen.

A.G. McComas and wife. Three children. Boarders: Mr. and Mrs. R. Nichols, W.H. Price, Harry Seamen, R.H. Moss.

S.V. Rousey and wife. Four children.

J.Q. Adams and wife. Three children.

E.D. Mobley and wife. Five children.

W.B. Sanders. B.A., Millard Sanders.

W.W. Lucas and wife. Boarders: Lewis Stowers, J.E. Lucas, Mary Burns, Lula Burns.

G.W. Estep and wife. Four children.

John Estep and wife.

Mont. Mullins and wife. Two children.

J.B. Toney and wife. Two children. Boarders: P.M. Toney and Willie Hainer.

B.L. Sanders and wife. Three children. Boarder: Mr. Tappy.

J.W. Campbell and wife. Four children.

G.W. Johnson and wife. One child. Lu Johnson, lives as one of the family.

Ad May and wife. Boarders: Levi Messer and Tom May.

Z.C. Abbott and wife. One child. Boarder: Loam Abbott.

Edgar Estep and wife. Three children.

George Chafins and wife. One child. Boarder: Arthur Garrett.

Creed Morris and wife.

W.T. McCall and wife. Two children.

G.F. Collins and wife. Two children. Boarder: O.W. Shreve.

A.C. Collins and wife.

N.B. Mobley and wife. Three children in the family.

T.B. Ferrell and wife. Four children. Mrs. Laura L. Hager, lives with the family.

B.S. Hager and wife. Two children. Emla Brag, lives with the family.

I.F. Stone and wife. One boy.

J.S. Egnor and wife. One child.

Total Population: 181.

Note: The vote passed 22-18.