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The following letter was composed by George Workman of Logan County, WV, and sent to Lewis Lawson:

April the 3rd 1867

Mr. Lewis Lawson. Sir. I take the present oppotunity of informing you that I have been in formed that you claim to have a deed of trust on my land. now this seems a strange truth to me for you know that I never gave you any such a thing and I think you are a man of better sense than to forge such a thing you don’t like to work that well I give you and smoot a deed of trust on five head of cattle which the rebs took from me and when you want your pay you must make them pay me now sir if you have a trust deed on my land you had better keep it to your self for I can prove the deed was on cattle and I will prossecute you as you are a man. You must think that I am a perfect idiot that I will let you forge a trust deed sell me out say nothing to you. but I am not quite that dull now sir I dare you to do any thing with your deed and Just show you that I am not a sleep and I am not worth what the law a lows me until you rebs pays me for my property then I will pay you & c.

George Workman

Note: Mr. Lawson, born about 1810 in England, lived at Whites Mills in 1860 where the census listed him as a farmer and merchant with $4000 worth of real estate and $15,720 worth of personal property.