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An unknown correspondent from Banco on Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on October 1, 1926:

Everyone is very busy around Banco as they are trying to get their tobacco in the barn before Jack Frost comes around.

A very interesting sermon was delivered at the Ed Stone School house last Sunday by Rev. White, after which Rev. Elkins and Rev. Pauley gave a short talk.

Thurmond and Jack Fugate of Holt have been visiting their sister on Elm Street.

Mrs. John Hager of this place and daughter Mrs. Ella Gillenwater and daughter-in-law Mrs. Ida Hager of Big Creek were the guests of Mrs. C.L. Hager at Stone Branch the former part of the week.

Arnold Thomas and Hassell Ferrell of Estep attended church at Banco last Sunday. Where was Anna, Arnold?

Misses Edith Chapman and Anna Ferrell of Estep were the Saturday night guests of Misses Pearl and Kathleen Hager and attended church at Banco.

Bennie Miller of Slab Town motored through Banco one day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. V.P. Conley and children of this place have been visiting with Mrs. Conley’s parents at Gilbert the past week.

Gardner Baisden of Estep was a pleasant caller in Banco one day this week. Wonder if he saw the girl he used to love so well?

Miss Marea Lucas of Chapmanville was the guest of homefolks on Elm Street the latter part of the week.

Misses Nella Varney and Hazel Thomas of Thomas Circle were calling at the Banco post office last Tuesday morning.

H.F. Lucas of Elm Street returned from a tour up North last Monday.

Wonder what has become of the ice man? We never see him in town any more.