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From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, comes this interesting item about Aracoma High School dated September 2, 1927:


Principal Hull Announces Some New Features Since Last Term, Adding To the Facilities

Plans are about completed for the opening of the Aracoma high school for the coming year. The principal, Mr. Bruce H. Hull, states that an annex will be fitted up for use this year giving an additional room for high school purposes. This annex will be equipped as a science laboratory. Equipment, including special furniture, has already been ordered for this department and is expected to be in place for the beginning of the year. The additional room and added facilities thus provided should enable the high school to be classified as second class.

Mr. Hull further stated that the board of education will furnish transportation to all students living in the district who wish to attend the high school up to and including the eleventh grade. Parents are urged by him to have their boys and girls enter school on the first day for purpose of classification.

The faculty for the school will be composed of five members holding baccalaureate degrees from standard and approved colleges and two members who are graduates of the standard normal course. It will be recalled that when Mr. Hull came to Logan two years ago there was no accredited senior high school for Negroes, but now plans have been completed for a new building which the board expects to complete before the end of the present term. The completion of this unit in the system of education together with the entrance of the Logan high school into the North Central Association of Secondary Schools will be tangible evidence of the progress of Logan county in the field of education.