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From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, comes this story about the Logan County Game Preserve dated February 1, 1927:


Sport lovers in Logan–and they are legion–recently decided to adopt some method for the protection of game and wild fowls which are being rapidly exterminated in the county; consequently they met and formed a body for the purpose of establishing a game preserve in Logan.

H.M. Moore was made president of this association and under his direction the work was undertaken in earnest. Up to this time there has been approximately 35,000 acres of mountain land dedicated to this purpose by the owners. The land lies between the waters of Main Island Creek and Guyan river and extends over the Mingo county line into the Horsepen section.

Contrary to an erroneous impression that has gone out over the county this land is not set aside for the purpose of furnishing a hunting ground for members of this Wild Life League of Logan county but will be used for the propagation of game for people of the entire county during the open seasons as defined by the statutes.

John A. Ellis, former circuit clerk, and one of the most ardent lovers of wild life to be found in the county, has been commissioned by the state as local game protector. No better selection could have been made for Mr. Ellis, in addition to being acquainted with the people of the county and all of this section of the state, knows almost every foot of land lying in the preserve and believes in the propagation of game. Mr. Ellis was commissioned January 17, and has already entered upon his duties.

It is the intention of the promoters of the project to stock this preserve with deer, wild turkeys, pheasants, quail, and the streams with various kind of game fish. As soon as this is done the parties behind the movement will ask the state game and fish commission to take over the preserve and maintain it. This proposition will be submitted to the proper state officials when the commission meets the first Thursday in April of the present year.