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An unknown correspondent from Banco on Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on August 17, 1926:

Just a few items from the busy town of Banco.

Everybody is rushing to get started up Guyan river with peddling loads. We wish them success.

Several from Banco attended church at Thomas’ Circle Saturday night and Sunday.

Charley Garrett of Curry is right on his job this week. Stay with it Charley. Winter is coming and then there will be plenty of I-C-E.

Among those who were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Varney last Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Thomas and daughter Jennie and little nephew Master Willard Varney, Walton Garrett and daughter Susie of Curry, Misses Marea Lucas and Clara Harmon.

Mrs. C.E. Justice and son Charles of Elm street have been visiting Mrs. Justice’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Fugate of Holt.

Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Ellis and children of Ramage were the dinner guests of Miss Anna Justice of Elm street last Sunday.

Listen, girls! You need not be afraid to go joyriding with Hassel Vance in his new car. He is a very careful driver.

Those who were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Thomas at Thomas’ Circle last Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Ferrell and daughter Ruth, the Rev. White of Henlawson, J.A. Thomas and son Virgil of Estep, Misses Kathleen Hager of Banco, and Daisy Garrett of Curry.

Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Hager and small daughter Carmine were the guests of Mr. Hager’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Hager.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. McKinney of Crites have been visiting Mrs. McKinney’s father, F.D. Lucas of Trace Fork, who has been ill for some time.

W.F. Lucas and calling at the Banco post office last Tuesday afternoon. He must have been expecting a letter from Braxton county.

Good luck and good wishes.