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An unknown correspondent from Banco on Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on July 20, 1926:

Banco is getting to be a lively place. Traffic is getting to be so thick we will soon have to employ a traffic cop for every corner.

Jesse Harmon and W.J. Vance of Peach Creek and two girlfriends motored through Banco last Sunday afternoon.

B.R. Lucas and son Fred motored to Big Creek last Wednesday evening to attend a protracted meeting.

D.H. Harmon of this place was loading bank ties at Big Creek last week while his employees did the sawing at Spring Dale.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Stone and grandchildren of this place were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Stone at Blair.

H.F. Lucas and sister Marea of Banco motored to Estep last Sunday evening after the singing teacher bade us all goodbye.

Jesse Justice has obtained a new job at Spring Dale.

Wonder why Basil Duty has the blues so bad these days? Don’t worry, Basil. Ruby and Fannie will soon return.

Miss Pearl Hager was the all night guest of Miss Clara Harmon last Sunday night.

Wonder why Gardner Baisden went to meet the down train last Monday?

Annie Chapman of Hamlin was a caller in Banco last Monday morning.

Mrs. Etta Thomas and daughter Hazel were business callers in Banco last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Varney and daughters Nellie, Lois, Mabel and Ruby attended the last day of singing at this place last Sunday.

Mrs. J.B. Lucas was the dinner guest of her mother, Mrs. D.H. Harmon, last Monday.

Luther Bias of Chapmanville was seen going through Banco last Wednesday. Wonder if he called at Pumpkin Center?

Mr. and Mrs. John Vance and children motored to the mouth of Trace Fork to visit Mrs. Vance’s father, F.D. Vance, who has been ill for some time.

Mrs. D.H. Harmon entertained as her guest on last Wednesday evening Mrs. Amanda and Nola Justice and Miss Marea Lucas of Elm Street.