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Plyant Mahon/Mayhorn, born c.1855, married Vicie Hatfield, daughter of Valentine “Wall” Hatfield in 1877 in Logan County, WV. He was an active participant in the Hatfield-McCoy Feud.

State of West Virginia

Logan County to wit

The Petition of Plyant Mayhorn filed in the Circuit Court of Logan County in vacation

To the Hon. Thos. H. Harvey, Judge of the Circuit Court of said County.

Your Petitioner would beg to represent unto your Honor that at the April term 1889 of the circuit court of Logan County he was indicted by the Grand Jury of said County there in session at said term of said court for unlawfully accepting a gift with the intent that he your said Petitioner should vote for one F.M. White at a general election held in this county in November 1888 that he was not apprised or notified of the finding of said indictment during the said term of said court that he was not aware nor had he any knowledge whatever of the existence of said indictment until a few days ago it then being fifty days after the finding of said indictment.

Your Petitioner would further represent unto your Honor that a few days since a capias was issued from the circuit court of this county in said indictment and placed in the hands of F.M. Chafins sheriff of said county who immediately and unceremoniously arrested your Petitioner, ruthlessly tore him from his home and family in the dead of night and hurled him into the Jail of this County where he is now ignominiously incarcerated.

And your Petitioner would still further represent unto your Honor that he is a husband and father with a wife in delicate health and five children of tender age looking up to him alone for bread, that he is a farmer without any other means whatever of support but the product of the soil of his little farm realized by the hard and continuous daily labor of your Petitioner, that this is the season of the year in which the husbandmen must attend carefully to his sewing or there will be no reaping next harvest, and that he is ready and willing to comply with any order made by the circuit court of this County or by your Honor in vacation.

Your Petitioner therefore prays that your Honor make an order in vacation directing the clerk of the circuit court of Logan County to admit your Petitioner to bail taking bond with good security in such sum as your Honor may see fit to fix. He also prays such other and general relief as your Honor may see fit to grant. And in duty bound he will ever pray etc.

Plyant Mahorn



State of West Virginia

Logan County to wit

Plyant Mahorn the Petitioner in the foregoing Petition being duly sworn says that the facts and allegations therein contained are true.

Plyant Mayhon (his mark)

Taken, sworn and subscribed before me this __ day of May 1889.

S. Kelly, Notary


Source: Logan County Clerk’s Office, Logan, WV.