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An unknown correspondent from Banco on Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on July 2, 1926:

Rev. White of Henlawson delivered a delightful sermon in Banco last Sunday morning. A large audience attended. Those taking a part in the evening service were Rev. Gillenwater of Big Ugly, Rev. Elkins of Banco, and Rev. Vickers of Chapmanville.

Mrs. J.W. Miller of Big Ugly attended church at Banco Sunday and was the dinner guest of her brother, Howard Vanatter.

J.M. Harmon and Mrs. J.W. Harmon of Big Creek motored to Banco Sunday.

Earl Justice of Whitman was calling on homefolks on Elm Street Sunday.

Wonder how Hassel Vance and Basil Duty like Pumpkin Center?

Misses Eva Ellis of Ellis Fork and Edith Chapman attended church in Banco Saturday night and Sunday, and were all night guests of Mrs. E.C. Varney of Elm Street.

Luther Bias and Miss Ella Jane Toney of Chapmanville motored over to Pumpkin Center Tuesday.

Misses Mary and Jennie Thomas of Estep were shopping in Banco Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Ted Hager and Kathleen Hager were the dinner guests of Mrs. D.H. Harmon last week.

Misses Hazel Thomas and Nella Varney of Thomas Circle attended church at Banco Sunday and were the dinner guests of Miss Marea Lucas.

Gardner Baisden of Estep was in Banco Sunday.

H.F. Lucas and sister Marjory motored to Big Creek Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Turner and children of Chapmanville were calling on Mrs. Turner’s father, who has been ill for some time.

J.A. Stone, Jno. Hager, and Misses Pearl and Kathleen Hager and Anna Ferrell motored to Blair Sunday evening.

Good luck to The Banner.