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An unknown correspondent from Banco on Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on June 4, 1926:

Here we are back again into our friendly circle, The Banner family, with a few items from the progressive little town of Banco.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Stone and Mrs. Lizzie Perdue and daughter, Louise, of Banco motored to West Hamlin last Sunday and all reported a very enjoyable day.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baisden and children of Needmore were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duty of Spring Dale last Tuesday.

B.R. Lucas and son Freddie of this place attended church at Big Creek last night.

Mrs. Charles C. Varney and daughter Madeline were the all day guests of Mrs. J.B. Lucas at Pumpkin Center last Wednesday.

Miss Charlotte Chapman of Estep was a business caller in Banco last week.

Wonder who the girl was at Big Creek last week that laid her arm around a Banco Boy’s neck for a strawberry?

Miss Marea Lucas was calling on Misses Mattie and Ollie Varney last Sunday afternoon.

Wonder how Basil Duty would like another trip to Big Ugly? Why not call a taxi next time, Basil?

Okey Justice of Whitman was calling on homefolks on Elm street last Sunday.

Wonder if Frank Chapman and Jesse Justice are having much success at Spring Dale? We wish them the best of luck. Be careful boys and don’t go any farther than the mill.

We saw in last week’s letter from Shegon an item which read like this: “Fred Woolum sure does look sweet in his new straw stack.” We have a boy in our town whose name is Fred Woolum and he also has a new straw stack. Just ask the girls of Sutton. They will tell the rest.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Hager of this place was a business caller in Big Creek last week.

Miss Millie Lancaster, teacher of the Banco school left for her home in Martinsburg, W.Va., last week. She will be missed by her many friends.

Mrs. L.A. Ellis of Needmore is visiting friends and relatives in Logan this week.

H.F. Lucas and father motored to Big Creek last Sunday.

Miss Mary Thomas of Estep was a caller in Banco last Tuesday night.

“Just a little sympathy for a boy whom we know well

Who met a girl at church in the Sunny Dell

And in the parlor when the lights were burning low,

A girl who left for Braxton county some little time ago.”

Success to The Banner readers.