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During a recent visit to the Montgomery County Courthouse in Christiansburg, Virginia, I viewed the Last Will and Testament of Archibald Elkins (1735-1791).


In the Name of god Amen: As I the testator am in a prelarious State of health: But perfect in mind & reason: I do Announce this to Be my last will and testament:

In the first place I commit my soul into the hands of the living god. I also commit my Body to the Care of my friends to Be decently intered. I do Allow as much of my moveble property to Be desposed of as shall Be suficient to discharge all lawfulll debts. I do give and Bequeath unto my wife Margaret one third part of the tract of land I now live on (viz) the lower End of the survey (Containing five Hundred acres) ______ land During her life and after her Decease to be fairly divided Between my three Daughters (viz) Mary, Elizabeth and Lydia — the other two thirds of Sd tract off five Hundred acres that is the uper End of the survey to be Equaly divided when my son Absolem shall be twenty one years of age: and I do give and bequeath my sons David and Absolem the Above mentioned division of land to them and their heirs forever: But if either of the forementioned sons should die Before Sd Absolem shall Be of Age Sd division shall be made and devolve on the next lawfull Heir when the time shall relapse that Sd Absolem should have become twenty one years of age– I do also give and Bequeath to my son John one Hundred and thirty acres of land laying on Camp Creek when he is twenty one y ears of age. I do nominate my wife Margaret to be my Executrix to dispose of the movables and profits of all lands above mentioned Acording to the best of her judgment to bring up my Children given under my hand and seal as my last will & testament.

Archibald Elkins

August ____ (page is torn)


John Bishop

Bonet farmer

Ezekiel Howa__


On the paper’s back:

At a court held for montgomery County the 6th Day of Sept. 1791

The Last Will and Testament of Achibald Elkins was Proved by the oaths of Barnett farmer and John Bishop and ordered to be certified.


Source: Wills Box 1791-1799, Circuit Clerk’s Office, Montgomery County Courthouse, Christiansburg, VA.