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Here’s a bit of history about the Huntington Advertiser newspaper of Huntington, WV:

Huntington Advertiser Slogan HuA 05.13.1886.JPG

Huntington (WV) Advertiser, 13 May 1886.


THE HUNTINGTON ADVERTISER is nineteen years old today and it signalizes the event by appearing in a new dress.

It is not yet two years since the present owner became connected with the paper yet we look back with pride and satisfaction upon what has been accomplished in twenty months, and are encouraged to press forward with increased confidence in the complete success of the undertaking.

THE ADVERTISER was surrounded with many adverse circumstances when we first undertook its publication. The country was suffering from a long season of business depression and there was a lack of interest and enthusiasm on the part of those to whom the paper most naturally looked for support; and yet, notwithstanding the difficulties with which the paper has had to contend, it has steadily grown in popular favor as is attested by the largely increased subscription list. The increase in our advertising patronage has kept pace with the increase of circulation, and the paper is now published altogether at home in order to accommodate its increasing advertising business.

We believe that the city of Huntington and the country tributary to it, in common with the whole State, is entering upon an era of great development and prosperity, and it shall be our aim to make THE ADVERTISER a fit exponent and representative of the new era of progress and material advancement. In the future as in the past we will strive to disseminate Democratic principles and labor to promote the unity and success of the party under whose banner we do battle. We return thanks to our friends and the public for the generous patronage heretofore extended to the ADVERTISER; and to our brethren of the press we feel especially grateful for the many kind notices received at their hands. We shall endeavor to make the paper as worthy of their favor and approbation in the future as in the past.

Source: Huntington (WV) Advertiser, 30 April 1887.