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From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, comes this story dated April 24, 1914:

People’s Column: Articles of about 300 words, written by citizens of Logan Co. will be received. Names will be omitted if desired, but must accompany all articles. Articles attacking reputation or official acts must be signed and sworn to. Reading matter of a political nature or intended to advance or retard the political ambitions of any person will not be published here. Ed.

Heard on the Streets

The Stroller is very fond of good entertainment. He is not too old to prance around a bit when one of the home boys gets the Spaulding over the fence. And when it comes to watching an endless procession of beautiful women, he exercises his prerogative as a man, to look and admire. Logan is so full of pretty women that one wonders where they are all housed when at home. It was a pleasure to stand on the corner of the public square one evening this week and watch them pass. Stately matrons elegantly costumed, beautiful girls, dainty and fresh as morning glories, and the wee misses with rosy cheeks; all laughingly a-mingle, ambled across the square, probably in search of an empty banana basket, for a few wisps of hay. At a distant corner a motley crowd of prisoners, paying the penalty of misconduct, marched toward the city bastile as b est they could with the Spanish spikes they wore. The stentorian cuss-word of the blacksmith at a refractory mule he was shoeing was split in half by the piercing honk-honk of the motorcycle horn, and the entertainment was over.