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An unknown correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on January 4, 1927:

Umbrellas over our shoulders,

Mud all over our feet.

Ask a Chapmanville tax payer

Where is the nice paved street!

We hope every one has enjoyed Christmas, as it only comes once a year.

We surely have been having some rough weather. It seems as though Chapmanville is going to be overflown by water, if it keeps on raining.

Miss Opal Johnson who has been at Huntington for some time spent Christmas with her parents at this place.

Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Ferrell spent the weekend with home folks here.

Mr. Walter Ferrell seems to enjoy going up to Mr. Raines these days.

The Sunday School seems to be progressing very nicely since Mr. O.C. Winters has taken charge.

Miss Willa Lowe and Emmet Raines were seen out walking Sunday evening.

There were new pupils at Sunday School Sunday. Come again boys. We are glad to have you. Everyone is welcome.

We wish Mr. G.R. Lowe of Stollings would visit us again. He was our Sunday School teacher and Superintendent for almost two years.

Dr. Ferrell and the family are visiting home folks for the holidays.

Blake Bently who shot off two of his toes some time ago will soon be able to get out again.

Miss Thelma Scaggs seemed to be downhearted Sunday. Cheer up, Thelma. You may win him back.

Mrs. Ellen Conley still continues seriously ill.

Miss Goldie Rowsey has returned from Ohio where she has been staying for some time.

While out hunting Monday morning, Mr. O.F. Ferrell fell and hurt himself very badly. We wish him quick recovery.

Good luck to The Banner.