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Decoration Day LB 05.09.1913.JPG

Logan (WV) Banner, 9 May 1913.

From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, comes this story dated May 23, 1913:

The Call to Arms

Ladies of Logan, we need you, and ask your unfailing support against filth and flies. With your full assistance we expect to make the men “help the women do the work.” We want you to help us develop the pride and civic duty which promotes cleanliness. Enlist the whole household in this crusade against filth and flies–breeders of disease.

With the homes, the yards and the streets clean, screened receptacles for kitchen waste, which we will remove without expense, the free use of lime daily, our city will be respectable and commendable.

Lend us your aid and imbibe the slogan, “Cleaner, Healthier and Better Logan.”



By order of the Common Council


From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, comes this story dated August 22, 1913:

Spreading Their Tracks

What has become of the city cow-bell ordinance? If it can’t be enforced, why not repeal it and substitute one demanding that each animal provide itself with a portable bathroom with regulation sewer connection–or, to use plain every-day English, a slop-bucket securely tied to its tail. One “special privilege” lady cow has been roaming the streets at night with a bell that makes you think the ice man is coming, but that ain’t him at all. It’s the milk maid patting along up the walk! Yes, right up the front steps and rings the bell! This particular lady cow is not satisfied with brick pavements and macadam roads, she prefers cement sidewalks. A blind man could tell you which way she went and where she stopped–in fact she don’t stop at all. If she did, there would be no occasion to write this article. She plods along all night, leaving her trail behind her. We don’t know who owns this madam bovine and we don’t care Adam. We have told her “past and present” just as we might have told of “John Brown’s Raid”–up the Guyan–the “raid that made the Chafins famous!” But we leave that also for the “city papers” to dope out. Good night!