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From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, comes this story dated August 15, 1913:

Rev. W.S. Bradshaw, Pastor of the Baptist Church, and his wife, are now housed in the historic and stately Ragland property on Main street. Their two charming daughters, the Misses Winnifred and Lucile, are due to arrive in Logan tonight from a stay-over at Ironton and Huntington, since the departure of their parents from Chillicothe, O., where the Rev. was pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church. In this acquisition Logan has gained another estimable family, whose field of usefulness is bounded only by their ability and willingness. Pastoral work in Logan, however, is, in many respects, far different than in the Buckeye State, and it will take a few weeks to acquire our set ways and methods, and then a few weeks to get “down to the real business.” The Baptist congregation, usually the largest in Logan, has not had regular services since Rev. Richardson’s resignation several months ago, and the membership has become somewhat scattered. It is up to Rev. Bradshaw to bring the congregation up to its standard. He comes highly recommended by the Chillicothe press and public, whose loss of a good man and family is Logan’s gain. Their dwelling house here–the familiar old landmark formerly occupied by the reverend, aged couple Major and “Grandma” Ragland–has been remodeled, painted, and decorated. Major Ragland, in years gone by, was one of the founders and editors of The Banner, and was admired, beloved, and reverenced by everybody in Logan county, young and old alike. We have at this office a few old photo prints of the late Major Ragland, taken in front of the home a short time before his death. Those desiring them will be supplied gratis while the limited supply lasts. Major Ragland was leader of the famous “Logan Wildcats” of Civil War times, and the more we say of him, the more sacred his name and memory becomes, as it takes us back into those historic days bathed in blood and bitter strife. Rev. Bradshaw and family are indeed fortunate to secure this sacred homestead, and to mingle with the memories of those historic events, centered about the mortal life and career of the now immortal Major Ragland.

Source: “Rev. Bradshaw and Ragland Memories,” Logan (WV) Banner, 15 August 1913.