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From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, we find the following items of interest pertaining to the Banner for 1913-1914:

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Logan (WV) Banner, 26 June 1914.


The Banner office was open all day. Many of our delinquent subscribers spent the day in Logan, but none of them came near this office. Perhaps they think we are running this paper just for fun. Even so, fun costs money, and you all who are taking The Banner from the postoffice week after week, and never paying a red cent for it, ought to be “supremely proud” of the surplus stock of gall stored away in your anatomy and soon realize that it costs something to turn out newspapers. Please remember, also, that campaign money is not paying Dean’s expenses, as the case was with former Banner editors. Dean is trying to pay his way as he goes, and every subscriber who owes 50 cents or a dollar ought to realize that he has had value for it, and pay it without further delay.

The Banner office will be open half a day this 4th and we hope some of our delinquents will pay up then.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 4 July 1913



Most all readers of newspapers know when they are in arrears–especially when they have not paid a dollar in two or three years. If a few delinquents on our list will dig up a dollar each, we are sure their conscience will allow them to get one good night’s rest. The only honorable and honest way to stop a newspaper is to step into the office and pay up all arrearage, get a receipt, and have your name taken off the list. To fire your paper back at the publisher marked “refused” when you owe six months or a year and never go near the office is not only disreputable but superlatively dishonest as well. We can not discontinue your paper until all arrearages are paid. Don’t ask us. Don’t say: “Stop my paper until I get what I owe paid up.” In no case can we do this. It is a general rule we have to use to protect ourselves. When you do not want the paper any longer, pay up and stop it.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 18 July 1913


This is the “silver anniversary” of The Logan Banner, the last number in the 25th volume. Roll in a dollar, please. Next issue will be our 26th birthday number, and with it the subscription price goes to $1.50 a year IN ADVANCE. With next week also will appear the “Comic Section” which we have decided to serve to CASH subscribers, as a part of The Banner. Send in your subscription NOW, and if you owe anything in arrears, please pay, and a dollar in advance for another year, if received at this office before July first. It will be to your interest, as well as ours, to pay up and not miss an issue.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 26 June 1914